The Rollup Helper Guide is intended to provide you with the documentation you need on how to use Rollup Helper and integrate the solution with your business processes. We have additional resources available as well that are linked to and categorized based upon your focus area(s).

Business Process Experts

Once you have the power of Rollup Helper in your hands, what do you do with it?  We have been gathering ideas and have resources available for you.
  • Use Cases - Get new ideas for how Rollup Helper can help you.
  • Community - Get answers to your questions or ask a new question.


Rollup Helper is extensible and can be integrated into your process in a real-time manner.
  • Triggers - Enable real-time rollups within your business processes.  Contact us if you want us to implement this capability for you.
  • Release Process - We refresh your sandbox with the latest rollup innovations.  Contact us if you want to migrate to production with one of our latest innovations in advance of a scheduled release notification.