Common Issues and Troubleshooting Steps

An Apex governor limit is being reached (ex: Too Many Query Rows): The most common solution to this issue is to enable Asynchronous processing on the object in question, due to the fact that Apex governor limits are higher for Asynchronous processes.

Certain object(s) are not rolling up in real time:  The first step to troubleshooting this issue is to ensure that every custom object that is the source of a rollup has a custom RHX trigger.  Instructions for creating the triggers can be found here, or you can contact Rollup Helper Support to have triggers created for you.

When you install the RHX package, real-time rollups are enabled by default on the Account, Attachment, Case, Contact, Event, and Task standard objects. If the object that is not rolling up in real time is a standard object not listed above, you may need to install an extension package, which can be obtained by contacting Rollup Helper Support.

Fields are not correctly rolling up/populating (no error message displayed) due to validation rule:

If a rollup is not updating properly, it may be blocked by validation rules on the target object. A flag can be set on a given validation rule to allow rollup helper to ignore it during the running of rollups, if you check the "Enable Validation Rule Helper" flag in the Rollup Helper Settings custom setting.

Add the following to the error condition formula of any validation rule that may be interfering:

&& $Setup.rh2__PS_Settings__c.rh2__Run_Validation_Rule__c

This value defaults to true, and is set to false only while running the rollup in our app, so it won’t interfere with the enforcement of the validation rule elsewhere in the org.

You can add this flag to a validation rule by going to the validation rules section on the target object, and clicking edit on the validation rule. From there, you simply paste this code snippet into the end of the existing logic for the validation rule and click ‘save’.

Fields are not correctly rolling up/populating (no error message displayed) due to lack of trigger support (for example, source object is AccountTeamMember or OpportunityContactRole):

If the rollup is a real-time rollup sourced from an object such as AccountTeamMember that does not support triggers, Rollup Helper performs the real-time rollup using a Visualforce page component.  Please verify that this component has not been removed from the page layout, or create a case by emailing

Fields are not correctly rolling up/populating (no error message displayed) in a timely manner:

If the rollup is being processed asynchronously, there may be a slight delay (1-5 minutes) between field update and rollup completion due to Salesforce platform limitations. In order to verify whether the rollup is able to correctly retrieve the information, you can run the SOQL query the rollup uses (displayed on the Edit Rollup page) in the Query Editor in the Developer Console to verify that it is well-formed and retrieves the correct information.