Rollup Helper allows you to define and run roll-up summaries for all your Salesforce data. You can schedule or run your rollups in real-time depending upon your data and business process needs.  When performing a rollup you may select from the following types of rollup functions.
  • Sum
  • Concatenate
  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Count
  • Average
  • Percent
For more information about these basic rollup types and other terms used throughout this guide, please reference our Definitions page.  You can also look here for Type SupportThis guide assumes you have Rollup Helper installed with the correct security configuration. View our installation/upgrade page for further details.

What's New

  • Percent Rollups
  • Enable Real Time
  • Activate/Deactivate Multiple Rollups
  • Exception Logging 
For more information on what is new in the Spring 2015 release, check out this page.What's New?

Video Tutorials

Rollup Helper Overview

This video will walk you through your first roll-up scenario. The scenario is that your boss wants the following: "On the Account page, display the sum of Contacts with a title of 'Vice President'."

To take deep dives into the various areas of Rollup Helper, click a link below:

Creating A Target Field
Choosing A Target Object
Selecting Your Target Field
Selecting Your Child Relationship & Source Field

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