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Applying A Rollup Filter

If the basic rollup settings are not providing you with the desired information you may filter the results by creating a filter. To create a filter you may navigate to step three of the Rollup Helper wizard. To get to step three of the wizard you may advance through steps one and two when creating a new rollup. If you have an existing rollup you want to add a filter to, you may click the edit link which is located on the left hand side of your rollup on the All Rollups page. To create a new filter select the 'Create New Filter' link. Once the page has refreshed you may start by creating a name for your filter. We recommend that you name this filter something that is self explanatory so that if you have use of this filter in the future, you will be able to tell what the filter does the next time you select it. The limit to text box is added so that you may limit your rollup to only rollup information to a given amount of records (if left blank the rollup will process all of the records). In step two of creating a filter you may filter your rollups so that they are sorted by defining how you would like the information to be ordered (if you do not want your information to be sorted you may skip this step). Step three of creating the filter is used to define what information in the source field that you would like to be rolled up. In the video above we have created a rollup to sum the totals of the opportunity amounts. We want our filter to only sum the total of the closed won opportunity. So we select the won field in opportunity, in the drop-down menu for operator we select equals, in the criteria field we type in true, and once we are done we click the add button to add the criteria for our filter. You may add more than one criteria to your filter if you would like to narrow down your results further. Once you are done editing your filter click save and the page will refresh to display step three of the Rollup Helper wizard. Make sure that the correct filter is displayed in the select filter field and click save again to assign the filter to the rollup.