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Creating An Average Rollup

Average Rollup Helper Demo

Creating an average rollup is just like creating any other rollup type. You may start by creating a target field where you would like your aggregated data to be displayed in your parent object if you have not already. Once that is done you may start the Rollup Helper wizard by selecting 'new' button on the all rollups page. For step one of the Rollup Helper wizard you may select the parent object that contains the target field you have created. Once on step two you may select the target field. Once you arrive on step three of the Rollup Helper wizard you select the child object that contains the source field that holds the data you want to be rolled up. After you have selected the child object the page will refresh to display all of the source fields that the child object contains. Select the correct source field that contains the information you want rolled up. Then select the average radio button to the right and click save. Congratulations you have now created a rollup that calculates an average!