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Creating A Target Field

When using Rollup Helper you may find that you need to create a Target Field so that the information being rollup may be displayed. To do so you select the setup option on the top right corner of the screen (You may have to select your name to get a drop down list). Then on the left hand side of your screen select Customize under the App Setup. Once there select the object you would like the target field to be displayed under (in the video tutorial we have selected Accounts). View all of the fields by selecting the Fields option. You should now have a view of all of the fields that are available to this object. Scroll down to view the section labeled Account Custom Fields & Relationships. Click on the new button to create a new custom field that will be used to display your rollup information, select next. Step one of creating the rollup target field you must select the correct target field type so that your data may be displayed correctly. Once finished select next. In step two you must create the name of the target field as well as adjust the different options listed such as length and decimal places to better fit your needs. Once you are done with step two select next to continue to step three so that you may set up the field level security. The field level security is used to change who can have access to the target field so choose wisely when setting the field level security. The final step you must decide which page layout you want this to be accessible on. Once finished you may click the save button to complete the creation of your target field!