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Real-time Capability

Rollup Helper offers a real-time mode that will make your rollups execute as soon as a the user saves a record.

Having a rollup run in real-time is necessary if you need instant feedback for decision making, aggregated data for validation rules, or need to run workflow based on updates that occur to a child record.

Here is just one simple example: Let say you want to enforce a special close-out process on a project whereby only projects having tasks completed can be marked closed. In this scenario, you would want to have a real-time rollup to get the number of open project tasks for that project and check in a validation rule if the open project task count on the project is greater than 0. If it is, your validation rule will prevent closing the project. If on the other hand, the open project task count rollup is run in batch mode (scheduled), your project managers might be prevented from closing projects that have no open tasks as the rollup might happen after they try to close out the project and the validation rule would be evaluating the last rolled up value based on open tasks.

1) If you have real-time rollups for the Account, Case, Contact, Event, or Task object, when you install the upgrade for Rollup Helper, you will instantly get real-time triggers installed automatically for these objects. No coding necessary.
2) If you have real-time rollups for other standard objects such as Opportunity Products or Quotes, we have multiple packages that you can install easily using a link. It takes about a minute to install just like when you upgraded and again, no coding necessary.
3) Now we get to the fun part, if you have real-time rollups for custom objects, then you need to handle things slightly differently, but it is still very easy. If you are a developer or know how to use change sets, you can package up our copy and paste trigger code in your sandbox. This process takes about 10 minutes and is a one-time event for each custom object. If you are not familiar with development or know what a change set is, you can just email us a request us to enable the real-time trigger for you. Don't worry...when doing so, it is always free!

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