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Scheduling Your Rollup Settings

You can now save a schedule for a rollup to run for a given number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years for a configurable number of records.  What this new feature enables you to do is schedule your rollup when it is best for your business stakeholders to have access to the data and avoid issues such as record locks.

This new capability comes in handy when you are using a relative date filter since the value will need to be refreshed periodically to ensure there is current information available to people reviewing the parent record.  For example, if you create a new rollup to provide the latest event information on an Account record there is not a field on Event today that marks an Event as closed.  You will need to look at Events that occur in the past.  This type of rollup will need to be scheduled to run on at least a daily basis in order to ensure the most current information is on your Account records.

To create a new schedule, you will need to click on the Run link next to the rollup setting.  Then set your schedule and clickSave.

You also have the ability to inactivate a rollup on this screen by unchecking the Active checkbox on the Define Rollup Schedule screen and clicking the Save button.  This may be needed if you want to disable this rollup temporarily.