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Testing Your First Rollup

Some customers prefer to test drive Rollup Helper Community Edition (CE) before purchasing Rollup Helper Enterprise Edition (EE). There are a couple of important concepts to understand before using Rollup Helper - CE and testing a rollup:

Community Edition is NOT real-time, so calculations take time
Rollup Helper - CE does not run roll-ups in real time, so you will have to be patient when you click the Run Now for XYZ records button or schedule your rollups. The processing time is typically calculated as follows: (Parent Record Count / Record Scope) * 1 minute = Total Minutes. For example, let's say you have 10,000 accounts and you have a rollup setting that you want to count how many contacts you have for each account. If the Record Scope is 500 (the default in Rollup Helper), it will take 10,000 accounts / 500 accounts processed per batch or 20 minutes for Rollup Helper to update all accounts for this one roll up setting. 

When you upgrade to one of our Rollup Helper Enterprise Edition plans, the rollups happen instantaneously
If you want to see Rollup Helper EE work in action for you, you have these options:
a) Purchase Rollup Helper EE under our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and get real-time activated today 
b) Request access to our EE Test Drive org.

Conflicts present in your org may block Rollup Helper updates
If you run into a situation where a rollup defined in Rollup Helper CE is not working for you, it may be due to a conflict that is a temporary obstacle which we can remove when you make the decision to upgrade to Rollup Helper - EE. Implementing Rollup Helper - EE includes our implementation services where we can debug these conflicts and tweak the operating environment for your rollups. We recommend that you take the following steps if Rollup Helper - CE is not working for you:
a) Make sure you explore the rest of our training site to familiarize yourself with how Rollup Helper works and make sure that your rollup settings are defined correctly.
b) Run through our Troubleshooting steps to overcome some of the typical conflicts yourself.
c) Request access to our EE Test Drive org to get access to an environment that has no conflicts.