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What's New?

We are excited about the possibilities available through our latest release of Rollup Helper!  The following are the highlights of our newest release.

Enable Real Time

Deploying triggers using the “Enable Real Time” tab

Select the “all tab” tab on the tab bar and look for the “Enable Real Time” tab.
If you do not see the “Enable Real Time” tab, then the tab is currently hidden. You will need to navigate to the current user, select their profile, and edit the object settings. Scroll down to the “Enable Real Time” item and click on edit. Change it from hidden to default on.
The “Enable Real Time” tab will display every object in your org that is used as a source object in at least one rollup. There is a column with a lightning bolt at the top. If you see a checkmark in this box for one of the source objects, that means it is currently in real time already (a rhx trigger exists for this object already). If not, click select on the object that you want to enable real time for.
There will be a button that says “Deploy [name of source object] trigger” with the name of the source object stated there. Click on that button to start the trigger and test class creation process. If you run into this error below, please follow the next series of steps, otherwise your deployment has likely succeeded and your rollup should now be in real time.
IO Exception: Unauthorized endpoint, please check Setup->Security->Remote site settings. endpoint =
Error is in expression '{!deployZip}' in page rh2:ps_manage_trigger: (rh2)
 Copy the url after “endpoint =”. It should look something like 
Navigate to setup, security controls, and finally remote site settings
Click on “New Remote Site”. Give the Remote Site Name something that makes sense to you (it cannot have spaces)
For the Remote Site URL, paste the url from the error that you copied above. You may give the Remote Site a description if you wish to. Click save to complete this process.
Attempt the deployment process again.
If the deployment process fails with an error other than the IO Exception: Unauthorized endpoint error listed above, this may indicate an issue with one of your custom classes or with the package itself. In the event that this happens, please contact us at to get this issue resolved.

Activate/Deactivate multiple rollups at once.

Rollup to a Percent field.

Log exceptions so that a user can see rollup errors.

Bug Fixes

    Rollup Filter Enhancements
    • Underscore in string of filter criteria didn't filter properly


    • Clicking Run As re-renders the action column incorrectly
    • Custom object Job conflicts with managed object Job
    • Account Action VF Page Not Triggering Rollups
    • first error: STRING_TOO_LONG, Relationship Field Name: data value too large:
    • 2 Rollups from 1 source field to 2 different objects and target fields. Only works if one of the rollups is disabled, cannot have both active and running in realTime without rolling up only 0

    Foreign Key Rollups 

    • EventRelation FK needed for real-time

Prior Versions