What's New in Winter 2015 (Version 7)

We are excited about the possibilities available through our latest release of Rollup Helper!  The following are the highlights of our newest release.

Hierarchy Rollups

Hierarchy Rollups

Multi Currency Functionality

     Rollup Helper can now be used with multiple currencies. The following video shows a Rollup with multiple currencies.

Multi Currency Demonstration

Bug Fixes

    • Fixes issue where blank fields are not populated when “Overwrite data in target field” is enabled

    • Fixes field not found validation errors when a contact is deleted

    • Fixes validation errors with too many queries in Synchronous mode

    Text Concatenation
  • No extra backslashes when a text Rollup contains a single quote

    Rollup Filter Enhancements
    • Fixes malformed filter criteria when upgrading to latest release of Rollup Helper
    • Ensures a filter does not allow malformed criteria for Currency, ID, or Numeric defined filters

    • No longer need workaround for retaining Rollup source field

    • Only updates parent object if the target field changes

    • Fixes duplicate object name issues when selecting an object in Rollup creation


    • Fix for Rollup creation screen compatibility in chrome canary

    Foreign Key Rollups

    • Fix that only runs a foreign key Rollup when the source object contains a non foreign key Rollup and an updated foreign key Rollup.

Prior Versions